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Home Cheese Making Classes

Our Head Cheesemaker instructs the most inexperienced person on how to create gourmet cheese while having a great deal of fun. Included in the course are all the notes and relevant materials relating to the cheeses made, and you also get to take home your cheese at the end of the day. Participants will make there own cheese, with a different cheese theme each class.

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Participants Will Be Instructed In

  • What is cheese
  • Learning the basis of food hygiene and sanitation
  • Learn how to pasteurise
  • What is homogenisation
  • What is spoils cheeses, environmental contamination
  • What is a starter, rennet, and what purpose do they play
  • Told where they can purchase cheese making equiptment
  • Recieve information sheets summarising the procedure
  • Learn where to source advice
  • Notes to take home on how to care for your cheese
  • Maturing of cheese
  • Get to taste different cheese
  • Take home your creation and enjoy it

General Info

All Classes are run between 9:30am to 3:30pm on the day. This time includes lunch and cheese tasting.
The course is held on the premise at Harvey Cheese (11442 South Western HWY, Harvey)
The cost for the day is $185 which includes a free coffee.
We Supply the venue, plus equiptment, instructions, most ingredients necessary to make the cheese.

What You Will Need To Bring

  • Ice cream Container (for taking home cheese)
  • Esky or cooler box (To transport your cheese home)
  • 1 Litre UHT milk (Full Cream)
  • Your own lunch