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Fresh Unripened

  • Harvey Cheese Fettas

    This cow's milk product is our “take” on a traditional Greek variety of brined cheese. It has a typically fresh, bright flavour. The harmonious balance of salt and acid make this cheese perfect for use in salads or cooking.

    It is available both in its natural state and with a variety of flavourings:

    Chilli & Garlic
    Herb & Garlic
    Sun-dried Tomato & Olive
    Chilli, Rosemary and Thyme

  • Marinated Fetta

    A mass of snowy-white, fine and moist grains, Ricotta should be firm in texture and not too wet or too solid. Ricotta is sold in large round wheels that look like an upturned basin with a patterned surface, the result of being drained in a colander or in smaller tubs. Smooth Ricotta is usually available in tubs and more suitable for spreading rather than cooking.

    Ricotta is delicately mild and milky. It has a slightly sweet, eggy flavour with a fresh aroma.

    Also baked Ricotta in:

    Persian Fetta

  • Goats Fetta

    Harvey Cheese is now producing Goats Fetta. Choose from regular fetta or try our persian style marinated cheese.

    You will not be disappointed.