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Eye Cheese

  • Havarti

    This popular cheese, of Danish origin, has a mild paste and flexible texture, making it very approachable for people who have not developed a palate for strong-tasting cheese. This cheese is a cross between a Gouda and Edam styles.

    With their smooth satin-like texture, these cheeses have 'eyes' or 'holes' formed in the body of the cheese during maturation. The eyes are created by gas producing bacteria, Propionibacterium Shermanii, which generate carbon dioxide during a two to four week period in warm maturing rooms at around 20°C.

    This process is technically known as 'propionic acid fermentation'. Regular turning of the cheese during maturation aids the even distribution of the eyes.

    Cumin Seed
    Chlli & Garlic
    Galic & Pepper

  • Swiss

    St Duke's Swiss (Tilsiter) is a mild and tasty semi-hard cheese, originally established in Switzerland. It has small holes, a soft textured body, and a mild, slightly sour aroma. These characteristics make it particularly popular with young consumers. Tilsiter can be used in sophisticated cheese dishes, cheese salads, toasts and sliced cheese and on any cheese platter.