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Blue Cheese

  • Blue OMG (Only a hint of Blue)

    The Blue OMG camembert is one of the more difficult cheeses to make as it incorporates two differently behaving moulds.

    One, a blue mould, naturally grows from the interior to the surface of the cheese while the other, a white mould, used to soften the intensity of the blue cheese flavour, naturally grows on the surface.

    Our OMG Blue is a triple cream camembert with blue mould added. The cheese is soft, with a creamy texture and has subtle blue flavour. OMG! will be your reaction when tasting it, whether for the first time, second or no matter how many times after.

  • St Duke's Blue

    Depending on the degree of maturity, this cheese may vary in flavour from quite mild and nutty through to distinctly piquant and spicy. This cheese is characterized by a network of green-blue veins of mould throughout the body of the cheese. The veins are created by piercing with fine stainless steel rods to allow air into the cheese, encouraging the internal growth of the blue mould and the lively tangy taste. The natural greyish white rind is deliberately cultivated to compliment the flavours of the blue mould in the cheese body so it should be treated as part of the cheese and not left on the side of the plate.